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“Brewing Connections and Celebrating Coffee Culture

 A Chai Coffee Adda – Where Moments Come Alive.”

Step into a haven of harmonious flavors and inviting connections. Explore diverse 

beverages and bites, crafted to delight your senses. Immerse in an inviting ambiance, where every sip and bite tells a culinary story.

  Join our community of enthusiasts where conversations flow freely. Elevate your experience and embrace the art of taste and togetherness.

About Us

A Journey of Flavorful Connections To Create Memories.”

'' Crafting Moments ,Fostering Connections : Our Journey of Taste And Togetherness."


Chai Coffee Adda Founded by Jayant Kumar Sinha  began as a dream to create a space where people could connect over tea and coffee. With a vision to go beyond a regular café, it quickly became a community hub. The aroma of high-quality beverages drew in patrons, and the welcoming ambience kept them coming back. As the popularity grew, Expanding its horizons, the establishment introduced delectable food and innovative flavors to its menu. With a customer-centric approach, the journey continues to spread joy and connections, one cup at a time

It gives me great pleasure to contribute to the community with the best coffee tea food and beverages in town and a place to build relationships.

Ethan Hunt. Owner.
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Our Chai Coffee Adda Fans Speak!

“I appreciate their commitment to sustainability. It’s wonderful to enjoy my coffee knowing it’s ethically sourced.”
“As a foodie, I’m impressed by their menu. The food is as delightful as the coffee, and that’s saying something!”
“Their specialty beverages are like a symphony of flavors. I love exploring their unique concoctions.”
“Indulging in the diverse flavors at this haven has been a delightful journey for my taste buds. The culinary creations and warm ambience make every visit an experience to treasure.”
“The variety of beverages is amazing. I can’t decide whether I love their coffee or tea more!”

Pacific Mall ,Tagore Garden New Delhi 110018

10am - 11pm
09.30am - 11.45pm

For reservation

+91-123 456 7891


“Thank you for being a part of our journey. Your presence, the aromatic chai, and the skilfully brewed coffee have all contributed to the vibrant tapestry of Flavors and conversations that define us. As we continue to blend tradition and innovation, stay tuned for updates on events and new menu delights. This is not just a place; it’s a community united by shared moments and a passion for brewing. We eagerly await your return for more camaraderie and comforting sips. Until then, keep sipping, smiling, and embracing the spirit of Chai Coffee Adda.”

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